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Stem Cell Therapy? ...Because it's 2016!



I hope everyone had a blessed holiday filled with family and fun! I had a quiet holiday to allow time to get a stem cell procedure done on my knee. While this is a new procedure to Canada, doctors in Europe and the United States have been doing it for over 10 years. 

STEM CELL TREATMENT The doctor extracted adipose tissue from my belly and placed it in a centrifuge. The centrifuge separated out the stem cells. They also took blood from my arm and put that in the centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma (PRP). The stem cells and the PRP were mixed together in a syringe and injected into my knee. The hope is that this wonderful concoction will regenerate my meniscus and reduce the pain from osteoarthritis. Stem cell therapy is being used to replace surgery and allow tissues to regrow themselves. This treatment also works for shoulders, hips and the spine. 

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH Stem cell treatment takes on more of a holistic philosophy whereby patients are encouraged to take responsibility for their health to be sure the treatment will work. It's crucial to do prehab exercises to strengthen the knee before you go in. I have also been given a strict exercise protocol to follow post treatment. What goes into your body is important as well. You want to create an environment for the stem cells to multiply. To do this, eating clean is the key. Restricting sugar, salt and processed food keeps your inflammation down and allows the stem cells to get to work. Every body is different in terms of what percent improvement you can expect but for now I'm putting all the chances on my side. 

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR HEALTHY TRAINING The idea of taking responsibility for your health is also an interesting concept when we talk about training. Getting treatment when an injury crops up and doing your rehab exercises 1st and foremost to take care of chronic injuries will set you up for a successful year. Preventing injuries by doing stabilizing workouts and yoga has been proven to be effective especially for sports that have us continually moving in the same direction. Feeding your body the best possible nourishment will reduce inflammation and create an environment for your muscles to recover from workouts and become stronger. Staying injury free and eating clean increases your chances of reaching and exceeding your goals! What are your goals for 2016? 

TIME TO SET SOME GOALS!! Measurable goals are important both in training and in racing if you want to improve fitness. January is a great time to set out long term goals. What is your A race this year? What B and C races do you want to complete to push you toward your A race? Pull out a calendar and start plotting out what dates work and then put together a strategy to set out weekly training goals to target your races. 

NEED HELP? If you need help with a training plan, I can develop a program for you. The program includes a monthly and weekly plan with training goals to help you get to the finish line and maybe even a bit faster, if that's what you're after. 

Happy and Healthy Training! 



YOU Don't have to be a Triathlete...

That's Right! You don't have to be a triathlete to join us....but these people found out how easy it is to become a triathlete!


Join the club that has it all and become a triathlete in 2016. Our season opener starts off at the end of May with a 500m pool swim, 16km bike ride and 3.2km run in Perth.

Who says YOU can't be a triathlete?

1) Can't swim? That's ok we offer adult private swim lessons

2) Haven't run in years? That's ok you'll be given a welcome back to running program that gradually builds you from walking to running

3) Don't have a bike? That's ok we offer personal bike shopping to help you find one.

Out of excuses? That's ok join us and find out how you will be transformed into a triathlete in 2016!!!




Merry Christmas from Team Triumph!


Thank you to everyone for your continued support of Team Triumph and for helping to grow our fun little club to over 60 active members! We've had a great year sending athletes to Hawaii for Ironman and Ultraman, the World Military Games in Korea and the World Championships in Chicago. It has been so amazing to see the pride on Triumpher's faces as they cross the finish line of their 1st triathlon in Perth, their 1st half Iron in Tremblant or beat a Personal Best time in their A race. I'm also happy to report that one of our team members collected another Tri Rudy award and has inspired other club members to do the same next year.

This past year saw the start of a volunteer driven Friday group ride and Monday morning open water swim allowing us to explore all kinds of fun and exciting new routes and adventures! We look forward to more adventures next Summer!

The Hawaiian holiday party was a hoot and we raised over $500 for Dress for Success Ottawa and received fabulous purses to donate to this charity for women returning to the work force in need of a little help.

Going forward into 2016 Team Triumph has 7 new bikes in our already busy indoor cycling studio making space for new members to join in on the FUN! The Yoga and Strength Training after the cycling has been a hit and we will continue to work on increasing flexibility and power next term. We have loads of space in our 3 swim practices at the Canterbury Pool where we will be ramping up the speed while we continue to tweak swim strokes.

I'm happy to report that the Utah Training Camp is on for April 3-10th and due to popular demand I have booked 2 more double suites to accommodate the overwhelming interest!

A special thank you to my friends and family who continue to be an ever important sounding board, to allow me to bounce ideas off and make Team Triumph even better! Happy Holidays to one and all and here's to a healthy and happy 2016 filled with everything that you wish for. Enjoy the break and recovery time and we'll see you on January 4th, 2016!



Mondays 7:00am
Wednesdays 1:00 pm
Fridays 6:30am

Tuesdays 9:30-11:40am (Spin, Run, Yoga)
Thursdays 9:30-11:15am (Spin, Run, Strength)

Starts: January 4th, 2016