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All levels of swimmers are welcome. In fact, it's the best time for beginners to start! You will learn to feel effortless in the water. We will be reviewing swim drills and working on making your swim stroke easier!

With the help of the Coach's Eye videos, YOU can see exactly what needs to be improved on and use specific drills to get streamlined and smooth. 

We will practice the improvements in long slow distance swims building on great technique and increasing endurance.

After a great Summer of teaching private lessons, I can honestly say I am so grateful to my students. You never stop learning from your students and as a result, improving as a coach.

Mondays - 7:00-8:00am
Mondays - 2:00-3:00pm (*New daytime Swim)
Wednesdays - 1:00-2:00pm
Fridays - 6:30-7:30am 






Last week we went to St George, Utah to check out the lay of the land for our February 2015 training camp and it far exceeded our expectations!! Flying into Las Vegas was easy and then St George is just a two hour drive away.

We stayed at the Red Mountain Resort which is nestled into Snow Canyon State park where you can trail Run, Hike, Cycle and do Yoga. A perfect playground for us all!!

On a hiking day, we ventured farther afield and took a 60 min drive to Zion National Park where the mountains tower and the streams flow.

St George is known for the Ironman races so we tried Sand Hollow Lake where the races begin. A balmy 78 degrees it twas and lovely sparkling clear water. We also took to the hills on our bikes and tried the 60km Veyo loop. Famous for its pies at the 38km mark, it was a tough loop at high heat and altitude but the most spectacular ride I have ever been on! 

All in all a fabulous week!

So the planning begins for Team Triumph Camp Utah, February 2015. If you're interested in joining in, let me know if you have any suggestions as we put the itinerary together. The dates we are exploring right now are Feb 15-22 with an optional Feb 14th, Valentines in Vegas!


Triumphs and Tribulations!!

Congratulations to new Dad, Phil Hodson on completing his 1st Half Ironman in Muskoka last weekend!! A fantastic time on a grueling course! (Phil is in the blue jacket and cap above)

Phil started training for triathlon with us last Fall and has come a long way in a short time. From completing his 1st triathlon at the Early Bird Event, we progressed his training gradually to be able to complete his 1st Half Ironman.

Here lies the challenge. For those of you who don't know Phil, he works long shifts on a boat in remote places like the North Sea, every 2nd month. Although surrounded by water, he can't swim when he is off shore, biking is always on a trainer and running on a treadmill.

As his coach, it was my challenge to figure out how to manage this schedule. When off shore, he would watch swim videos and continue to visualize perfect swim strokes. We had to keep workouts shorter but higher intensity to reduce the boredom and manage days when seas were rough! Yoga and strength training are also a big part of his plan. When he came back, the focus was more weighted on the swimming and biking and running outside!!

Phil has proved to all of us that there are NO barriers to training for a triathlon if you've got the will to get it done!!

Phil - From all of us at Team Triumph....well done mate!!

In Montreal at the Esprit Triathlon, Lucie and Joey showed to us that not all races are perfect and sometimes they just don't go as planned.

Lucie Bouchard had a fantastic result at the Montreal Esprit Olympic Triathlon. She came 2/40 in her age category, 8th overall and earned a PB for the course! But...

"my wetsuit zip got stuck so I had to run all the way into transition to ask for help so the water drained out and it was sticking to me like glue.
Bike was pretty typical although I had to be more cautions on turns. Run was ok, I ran side by side for a while with the 1st female in my AG and we even exchanged a few words. In the last 1k, I got a cramp and was not able to hold on to her so lost to her by 5 seconds."

Joey had a tougher time. I thank him for sharing this valuable race report with us.

"The swim went well, although it was slightly long - my GPS watch
recorded 4.2 km (and I swam fairly straight).  I swam the distance in
rougly 1h25min which is a huge improvement from last year in my halfs.
I also felt very good coming out of the swim -  also an improvement.

I started the bike slow in order to get my HR in check.  In about
30min I was able to get it to my target "zone" of 140-145 bpm.  I kept
a nice cadence of 85-95 rpm (trying to stay closer to 90).  As soon as
my heart rate lowered I started ingesting calories - a concentrated
infinit nutrition mix with some GU gels (what I used throughout
training).  It was raining really hard, which was beneficial as it
kept my body temperature nice and cool and contradicted the relatively
high humidity.

I performed the first 90km in 2hrs33min with an average HR of 144 bpm
(which was well within my aerobic margin) and my legs felt strong.
However at the 95km mark I started experiencing mild bloating and the
onset of GI issues.  Not panicking, I ceased all nutrition and lowered
my heart rate to the mid 130's in order to help get a little extra
blood to the stomach to help with digestion.  After another 10-15km's
I started feeling a little better so I took some nutrition, which in
retrospect was a huge mistake.  The GI problems came back and were
getting stronger and stronger, and coupled with the onset of nausea
prevented me from riding in aero position (it upset my stomach too

It was very frustrating as my legs felt great and strong.  At the
130km mark, and with no improvements, I rolled the dice and decided to
try to "pass" this issue by inducing myself to vomit by drinking
water.  It worked pretty quickly and I puked while riding on the side
of the course.  After the deed I did another lap but started feeling
light headed and got a headache (most likely due to not drinking any
fluids for the past 30-35 km).  I felt a little wobbly on the bike,
and the strong winds made it hard to go in a straight line so I
decided that it would be best for myself (and the safety of others) to
exit the bike course.  I completed around 135km, which meant I only
had 45km to go... very disappointing!"

Joey had everything carefully planned - heart rate, rpm's, nutrition etc. He didn't stop until he knew he had to. It's a tough decision but in this case, the right one. Sometimes our digestive system has a different plan for us than our neuro muscular and cardio systems. Way to go Joey for getting the training done and getting to the start line.