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Team Triumph Rocks at IM 70.3 Racine!

Team Triumph Rocks at Ironman 70.3 Wisconsin!

This news just in from support crew Cary Willis, we have 3 individual finisher's medals from the Half Ironman in Racine today! Congratulations to Annemarieke, Cristina and Margaret on getting to the finish line looking happy and fresh as daisies. This was Annemarieke's 1st Half Iron and she came in top 10 in her age cat!

Way to go gals!! We look forward to hearing your race reports next week.


Summer Swim Term Starts Wednesday!


Summer swimming starts: Wednesday, July 7th

Wednesdays - 6:30am

Fridays - 7:00am

Place: Canterbury Pool 

Be sure to register now for the Summer term! 






Friday, July 3 - 10:00am Ride to Merrickville
Monday, July 6 - 9:45am Swim from Blanchette Beach
Friday, July 10 - 10:00am Ride to Perkins

Wed, July 8 - 6:30am Swim Canterbury Pool
Friday, July 10 - 7:00am Swim Canterbury Pool

2 ferries - 2 Provinces - 72km 

Last Week's Club Ride!

Join us on Fridays at 10:00am for a new adventure every week!


Congratulations to the Team of Peter Cronyn - Neil Zaret - Debi Zaret for completing the 5150 Relay at Tremblant. Also up for the race was Debbie Ward. Debbie also was one of 47 participants in the re introduction of the Barry's Bay Triathlon (one of my old favourites!)

So far I have spotted 7 Team Triumphers who completed the Tremblant Half Ironman. Congratulations to all who participated in this challenging race!!

Don Andersen
Drew Dobson
Carl Vaillancourt and his wife Debbie - completed their 1st half!!
Joey Mercier
Stephanie Johnson Obaseki
and the highest rank of the race...
Linda Lafrance who came 4th in her age category!!

Congratulations to John McGowan on completing the Syracuse Half Ironman!

Gatineau Triathlon (July 4th)
Bring on the Bay 3km Open Water Swim (July 11th)


Meech Lake is Open! Doldrums are Closed!

Meech Lake is Open!! Doldrums are Closed!

Last week we had a great crew out for the Meech Lake Feast! The inaugural 1st swim of the season was cool but fun. Heather showed up supporting her glamorous flowery bathing cap. Good fun was had by all! There are new parking rules in Gatineau park. You must now pay and display no matter what time of day.

The doldrums are officially closed tomorrow morning for construction. Also known as the back loop, make sure you plan your rides ahead.

Season Report from Julie Watkins

Congratulations to Julie Watkins for sticking to her plan and developing into an amazing triathlete! Please read on to hear her inspirational story....

A little over a year ago, my good friend Sue Martin-Bush said to me, “Hey, Julie. You like to swim.  Why don’t you come out to swim with this great group of women that meet at Cantebury pool and give it a try.  Well I did like to swim, or the idea of swimming anyway, and it sounded harmless enough.  I was used to going to the gym and walking on the tread mill while reviewing the week’s events with a friend and doing a few weights for good measure, then heading home.  I called it exercise…..Then I met Julia Aimers.

In the early days I found myself gasping for air after swimming four lengths of the pool but I always left feeling totally exhilarated from this new level of exertion that I had not experienced in years.  I remember Julia kneeling down at the side of the pool and telling me that the method of swimming she was teaching was called Total Immersion and reviewing the benefits of this style of swimming.  Co incidentally, my brother in law gave me the book Total immersion when he heard I was starting to swim.  I can’t tell you how many times I have referred to the book after a swim session and how each class that Julia taught was like candy to a baby. 

Soon enough I wanted to do better and thought that by going to spin classes I might improve my cardio and thereby do better in the pool.  So, if I thought swimming was a challenge, spin classes took things to a different level again.  The music and instruction was so good that it made me want to work harder than I ever knew I could and after about four weeks of classes I could almost say I liked it.  I was so impressed by how fit and accomplished this group of women and men were that I wanted to know more about what they were doing. 

I went to Perth last year and watched the triathlon and volunteered at last year’s Meech Lake triathlon.  More than anything I wanted one of those team Triumph outfits; the” kit” I learned it was called.  So in March, I started to run. Well, really, walk one minute run one minute, You know the drill and the I bought a road bike in April from a gal in the club and learned how to ride(from Julia, of course).Lingo,climbing,decending(Yikes!) ready to rotate, all clear, all in, all done.  Learned the brick, felt the brick.

Well, today, I finished my first triathlon, proudly wearing my Team Triumph “kit”
I could not have done any of this without the training and coaching from Julia and the support of such a wonderful group of high achievers who have made me feel so welcome.

So many people asked me if I had fun today and I am not sure that the answer to that is as easy for me as for some.  It was challenging. I could hardly believe I was actually doing it after thinking about what it was going to be like for so long. I was happy with my performance in some areas but not in others.  I loved the pot luck lunch and the whole feel of being part of a team that had worked towards this day for this past year.  I felt I was as prepared as I could have been and that the guidance I received from Coach Julia was constant, unwavering and unconditional.

All in all I want to thank Julia for putting the words Personal Best in my vocabulary. It has been an unbelievably rewarding experience thus far.  I’ll be back next year to try to better my times.

Have a great Summer Team Triumphers!

Julie Watkins


Good luck to everyone doing the Tremblant Half Ironman on June 21st!! We'll be rooting for you!! We look forward to seeing your race reports and pictures!

Congratulations to Lucie Tremblay on her race last weekend. Here is her report:

Leon's Triathlon in Hammond, Indiana near Chicago hosted this year's US Military Triathlon Championships. As with most years, our US counterparts invite the Canadian Military Team to race with them, draft legal format. This was also the selection race to pick athletes going to the World Military Games in South Korea this coming October. For our part, Canadian athletes have already been selected and I am one of the lucky. Those of us going to Korea will spend 10 days with 6000 military athletes from all over the world. The World Military Games is the 3rd largest games in the world after the Olympics.
So for my race, I had a good trip to Chicago and felt good coming in. The two days before were focused on race course familiarization and race preps. It was rather cold and windy....the city of wind they call it. Lake was very similar to Lac Leamy in terms of temperature last week so very nice in a wetsuit. We knew severe storms were expected that day so perhaps the race would be delayed, turned into a Duathlon or cancelled which is last resort. With a start of 0730 hrs, after impressive opening ceremonies, 21 women were off to a 1500 m swim start 5 min after the men. Given the small field, I was not surprised to be last out of the water but my swim was good to my standard.

Despite high winds and big clouds coming our way, I was able to recover on the bike and played catch up to a small group of females. This is always my favourite part because I am strong on the bike and help other athletes. The American females call us the "Canadian Angels" because we are friendly and know how to work together as we have opportunities to race together throughout the year. On the last of 4 loops (40 km distance), the winds shifted and the rain starts coming down, hard. By that time, we are switching positions often to make it to transition. I felt strong and was happy.

Once I exited T2, the rain came down harder and winds picked up as we did the 10 km loop around the lake. Most volunteers would not even come out of their cars and the course was not well marked in some places. I unfortunately took a wrong turn onto the wrong trail but a nice cop drove over to tell me I was going in the wrong direction. It was a lonely run for the most part and very hard on morale. I wanted to stop a few times, especially when rain was coming sideways and pinching the skin. Result, a very slow run. About 5 minutes over what I would have expected to do in this type of race. I finished 18 of 21 women, one competitor was disqualified. As the oldest athlete in the mix, I was not overly disappointed, except for my effort on the run.
The organizers, the city and volunteers did a great job organizing the event and hosting the military championships. The opening ceremonies were grandiose and we had the opportunity to meet injured veterans racing under the Dare to Tri Organization. It was great to share hotel with so many war heroes. Overall, I am very happy with my trip and race experience.

Thanks for reading!