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Group Ride and Climbing and Descending

On Tuesday, we will be learning and practicing the ever important Group Riding Skills from the Aviation Museum. For those who have done it before you can put your skills to the test right away. On Thursday, we will be training for Climbing and Descending from Blair Hill!

Meet: Tuesday Aviation Museum (9:15 am)
          Thursday Base of Blair Hill (9:15am)

To Register for Outdoor Workouts Click Here.....

Early Bird Triathlon Report!!

We had 9 Team Triumphers out at the Early Bird Triathlon looking sharp in the new Triumph kit! Congratulations to Phil and Julie for completing their 1st triathlon and Alexandra for coming back to triathlon after a 5 year break from the kids of steel races!!  In the pics below, we had two Mother and Daughter teams and 3 cousins competing. Congratulations to everyone!!

Long Triathlon
Don Andersen - 1st in age cat
Linda Lafrance - 1st in age cat/ 5th overall in the women
Julie Lafrance - 1st in age cat

Sprint Triathlon
Lucie Tremblay - 1st in age cat/3rd overall in the women
Phil Hodson - 5th in age cat/18th overall in men
Carl Vaillancourt - 6th in age cat

Tri and Tri
Alexandra Bouchard - 1st in cat

Sprint Duathlon
Sevak Manjikian - 1st in age cat/4th overall in men

Coach - 2nd overall/1st overall in women



May 20
 – *Group Riding SkillsMandatory session for all those riding with Team Triumph who have not taken our course before. .*Group Ride.  Meet at Aviation Museum parking lot.

May 22 – *Climbing and Descending - Meet base of Blair Hill

May 27 – *Interval Training/Time Trials on the Bike. 

May 29 - Open Water Swim and Run at the Pond. 

June 3 – Last Long Brick. *Long Bike/Long Run. 

June 5 –  *Gatineau Park Brick Training. 

June 10 - *Gatineau Park Brick Training. 

June 12 - Meech Lake Swim and Run (Optional). 

June 17 – *Long Ride (from Conroy Pit)

June 19 - Meech Feast. Swim/Bike/Run

June 24 - *Long Ride/Run from Gamelin Gatineau Park Visitor's Centre. 

June 26 – Meech Feast. Swim/Bike/Run


Triathlon Package: 13 workouts for the price of 12 workouts $168.00 plus hst

*Just Ride Package: 9 workouts for the price of 8 workouts $112.00 plus hst

Package of 5 workouts: $80.00 plus hst

Drop-in: $20 per person plus hst



May 24th- Ottawa Race Weekend

June 1st - Perth Triathlon

June 6/7 - Rideau Lakes Cycle

June 14 - Ottawa River Triathlon

June 22 - Tremblant and Syracuse Half Ironman

June 28 - Smith Falls Triathlon

July 5th - Mike Collingwood Meech Lake Triathlon
               (join a team, go solo or better yet, volunteer!)


Weekly Training Schedule 

Monday      7:00am Swim Canterbury Pool 

Tuesday      9:15am - Group Ride

Wednesday 1:00pm - Swim Canterbury Pool 

Thursday     9:15am -Climbing and Descending

Friday          6:30am Swim Canterbury Pool

Online Registration at


Transition Training and Race Day Preparation


Outdoor Workouts start Friday! We start with a clinic on Transition Training and Preparing for Race Day! If you've never done a triathlon before, this clinic is a must. If you've done many tri's you know how important it is to practice your transitions!

With the Early Bird Triathlon and Perth just around the corner, it's time to get ready :)

Meet: Base of Blair Hill (9:15 am)

Bring: Bike Gear/Run Gear/Towel

To Register for Outdoor Workouts Click Here.....


The weather Gods shone upon us! We had perfect conditions for our Triumph Tremblant Training Camp. A fabulous turnout made it fun for everyone to challenge themselves as much as they needed.

Pictures speak better than words!


Triumph Tremblant Training Camp May 8-9

Team Triumph is gearing up for the Triumph Tremblant Training Camp! We have a great group of about 12-15 people who are coming up. It's not too late to register.

Deadline to register: Friday, May 2nd



Thursday, May 8th - 6:30pm Potluck at Club Intra West Condos

Friday, May 9th (option to come for the day Friday) 

9:00am - Meet at Tremblant Parking Lot Transition Zone for 5-10km Run

10:00am - Return to lodging to shower, snack, check-out and get ready for ride

11:15am - Meet at Tremblant Parking Lot Transition Zone for 60-90km Ride

Ride all or part of Half Ironman Course

Light Lunch in Labelle

5:00pm estimated departure time


If you haven't got a place to stay yet, some of us are staying at the Hilton Hotel in the pedestrian village. The hotel includes parking, light snack Thursday afternoon and a breakfast buffet.

Team Triumphers enjoying the Spring Fling!


Team Triumph Raises $360 in a Week for Brain Tumour Foundation

Brain tumours have affected four Team Triumph members or their loved ones in the last few years. Thanks so much to Pauline Lynch Stewart and everyone who contributed and who came out to the party last evening to support Myriam Charron and her team! We danced all night!!

Alive to Strive Race for Kidney Foundation

Congrats to Pam Dilawri for coming in 1st in her age category and 8th overall and Julie Deimling who came in 3rd her age category, 9th overall and earning a PB in the 10km. A great race for both of them. Congratulations gals!!!